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ASPATA, in partnership with Youth Performance Institute(YPI)offers a professional development Youth Strength Coach certification for fitness professionals, personal trainers, PE teachers and that are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding in teaching fitness and coaching sports to youth and children of all ages. The certification strives to enhance coaching skills, strategies and methods as well as how to create a positive learning environment that will foster a lifetime of physical activity and health in youth

Chapter 1: Knowledge and Understanding


✔  Module 1: Fundamentals of Youth Fitness

✔  Module 2: Safety protocols and scope of practice

✔  Module 3: Age related standards of success


Chapter 2: Theory and practical


✔  Module 3: Youth screenings for movement and performance

✔  Module 4: Exercise programming

✔  Module 5: Fundamental nutritional support


Chapter 3: Coaching Fundamentals


✔  Module 6: Coaching cues and

✔  Module 7: Progressions and regressions

✔  Module 8: Inspiring healthy and long lasting habits



✔ Post course mentoring

✔ Youth performance exercise library

✔ Screening protocol and assessment guidelines

✔ Users manual with demonstration template

✔ Course certificate 

✔ CEC Credits

Date: April 22nd
Location: Bangkok

Climbing to the top of fitness
Weight Loss Coach
Conor Kearney

BED Physical Education, Certified Personal Trainer, lifestyle coach and nutrition coach.


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About Instructor

Conor has been in the fitness industry for 6 years now and has a strong base of understanding youth fitness due to his qualifications and experience of working in international schools as a member of P.E. departments. This aligned with his lifestyle coaching credentials and nutrition experience, Conor can provide a unique blend of youth fitness and development through mentorship.


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I've done more than 30 fitness certifications in my career, yet what the team at ASPAT shared made me feel like I was fresh out of school again. Their unique insights won't be found anywhere else.
Adam Sendler
Personal Trainer
I decide to do some courses with ASPATA after watching some of their videos. Their understanding of details go complete opposite to education providers. I now have a totally differnt approach to results, with minimum effort and in far less time. My clients love it.
Mike Stuart
Lifestyle Coach
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