Why barefoot running? “LIVE IN THE PRESENT” – part 5

On July 15th, 2012, Henrik from Aspire will run the Pattaya Marathon 2012 barefoot…In the series “why barefoot running?” he defends his sanity and explains why.

running3Reading the previous blog posts on reasons why to run barefoot you can see that my major reasons for running barefoot are not focused on performance to improve time and shave seconds off my personal best.

For me, running barefoot has a more holistic mind-body connection than shod running, giving perspective and feedback on a much greater level than in running with shoes.

So where does the mind and body connection fit in with barefoot running? To me, barefoot running can work as great self-therapy to wind down, turn off the internal monologue and live in the present.

As you float over the ground surface without shoes and pick the best runnig line possible you are totally engaged in the activity of running and focused on the next steps ahead. Without cushioned shoes to absorb impact you are constantly being reminded on form, technique and posture while running barefoot, working as a silent coach giving you valuable info about your running technique.

Go barefoot/primal/minimalistic – ditch the mp3 player, GPS watch and heart rate monitor and connect with the moment of now as you change support underneath your center of mass over and over again in the beautiful and effortless display of human locomotion of barefoot running. Running barefoot can work miracles on a busy mind and allowing you to enjoy the moment and live in the present.

That’s just another great benefit and reason to run barefoot. Interested in learning more?

Visit Aspire or call 08-76 72 74 52 for more information on how you can integrate barefoot running in to your life.

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