Why barefoot running? LEARNING SOMETHING NEW – part 2

On July 15th, 2012, Henrik from Aspire will run the Pattaya Marathon 2012 barefoot…In the series “why barefoot running?” he defends his sanity and explains why.

untitledLet’s face it, the movement mechanics when running long distance road races is quite one-dimensional and monotonous. Every stride looks just like the previous in the running cycle and I am expecting to repeat the pattern about 45.000 times for my barefoot Marathon (42K) on Sunday.

Running barefoot introduces something new to your running. It often requires a form of re-learning on how you are used to run and incase it wasn’t a priority already – running technique becomes very important when running barefoot in order to avoid blisters, discomfort and over-use injuries.

I like to live by the quote “the day you stop learning you stop living”. Learning something new is extremely satisfying and gives a chance for personal development, reflection and a greater understanding of how thngs function and how you respond. No matter if you are an experienced runner or a beginner, running barefoot is a way to make running more of a skill and not just running to chase time.

Are You interested in learning something new? Check back soon to read more reasons that explains the reasons behind ”why barefoot running?”.

Visit www.theaspireclub.com for more information on how you can integrate barefoot running in to your training and life.

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