Bringing Experience to Develop Future Fitness Professionals

The greatest threat to the industry is outdated knowledge and text book theory that majority of new trainers adopt. We must develop the systems of 'coaching' beyond programming and training to empower habitual change and the exchange of knowledge and application into real world client experiences.
What are your career goals?

Why do you want to

Improve performance in sport, look better, feel better, more energetic lifestyle etc.

Be inspired and empower your growth as a world class coach and fitness professional.

Dig into your Aspirations!

  • Goals are concrete and tangible objectives that people want to achieve over the short term.
  • Aspirations are what people would like to be, intangible objectives to be achieved in the longer term.
  • Aspirations drive the deepest motivation to results. Why do you want to be a trainer or coach?
  • By leveraging aspirations we can help give you clarity on your future career.

At ASPATA, it’s not just about being a ‘trainer’. We want to help develop you into a world class coach and build a successful career in the industry.


Here are just some of the benefits:

  • 25 years experience pioneering the health and fitness industry
  • Conducting more than 100,000 hours of private coaching and personal training
  • Experience of running more than 100,000 hours of group programs.
  • More than 1,000 certifications for trainers and coaches around the world.
  • Working with the world’s leading experts in programing, biomechanics, rehab, nutrition
  • Practical applied knowledge to develop your coaching skills
  • Education seminars on all topics “health, fitness & performance”
  • Committed and experienced trainers on staff to assist your training.
  • Inspiring passion for the industry and development of fitness professionals world wide

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