We Have One Objective

To serve and exceed the expectations of our students to ensure you learn the the systems to become a successful world class coach.

The industry is full of cookie cutter courses. We are committed to change that and deliver the highest standard of fitness and career education available.

Some Key Points as Successful Fitness Professional...

A successful career in the industry goes far beyond just certifications and text book knowledge.

The strategies to implement, influence human behaviour, and to change lives a skill you need to develop in combination with your theoretical knowledge.

The ability to stand out, build authority and position yourself as ‘the preferred choice’ in your niche, in your location is critical to your long term success.

The average career of a trainer globally is less than 12 months.

The barrier to entry is super low, making it very easy to enter the industry. Sustaining yourself as a professional requires your ability to be noticed, generate consistent leads, and build a strong following of loyal, committed clients.

Our personal training certifications and continued fitness education courses are based on our own personal expertise having implemented into our own business over 20 years.

ASPATA also partners with some of the world’s leading providers of education to deliver to bring international courses and certifications to the region including ACE, NFPT, NESTA, FAI.

Always at the forefront of innovation, research, science and business success, we help you develop the skills and business acumen to attract and retain clients as well as the theory and practical application of the courses we offer.

Helping you to help your clients to achieve lasting success, in weight loss, community driven fitness, pain management and rehabilitation, sport specific training and sport performance, nutrition and fitness coaching for group or individuals.

Our niche specific ASPATA Courses are your pathway to a successful career in the health and fitness industry.

Want to learn more? Connect and join us for our industry leading strategy sessions to build your career in the industry.


Check out the courses below and choose your next career move.

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