CEC Course

Olympic Lifting Instructor Level 1

  • Full CEC accreditation with ACE (.6 Credits)
  • Teach the snatch, clean and jerk
  • Recognize, diagnose and correct common technique errors
  • Improve weightlifting-specific mobility in their athletes
  • Teach major assistance exercises
  • Design training programs for beginning to intermediate weightlifters
  • Users manual with detailed programming
  • Assess new lifters for proper program design
  • Long term support post course and video analysis
  • A proven method to mastering safe, explosive lifts

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Part of being a good coach is about being able to unpack movements – Seeing the components in isolation and adjusting the programming to match. ⠀⁣⁣

This course will help you to safely and effectively assess, correct and progress an athlete with no prior knowledge or experience with the snatch and clean and jerk to become a proficient and accomplished lifter.

By focusing on fundamental skills and qualities of the key lifts and their derivatives it is possible to gain competency in Olympic lifting rapidly and achieve a great return on the investment for athletic progress and adaptation with your clients.

In this course, we will take you through the theory behind how we utilize and deconstruct the Snatch, Clean and Jerk with athletes and general fitness clients from a range of backgrounds.

In the second component of the course we take a group of coaches of various skill levels from teaching drills with the broomstick all the way to explosive loaded power training with plenty of usable variations, common pitfalls and training/programming hacks along the way.

Course Overview

Chapter 1: Theory Of Olympic Lifting

✔ Module 1: The differences between lifting for competition and lifting for athletic performance

✔ Module 2: The phases and components of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk

✔  Module 3: Key derivatives and breakdowns of the Olympic lifts

✔  Module 4: Programming the lifts; beginner to advanced athletes

✔  Module 5: Olympic lifting alternatives

Chapter 2: Two: Intent To Move

✔  Module 6: Key principle for power development

✔  Module 7: How to approach all lifts for increased power transfer

Chapter 3:  Snatch Progressions And Variations

✔  Module 8: Progression and variation series for the Snatch; dumbbell, barbell, etc

✔  Module 9: Common limitations for Snatch success and interventions

✔  Module 10: Clearance tests, safety and progression exercises for building up to full snatching

Chapter 4 Four: Clean & Jerk Progressions And Variations

✔  Module 11: Progression series for the Clean

✔  Module 12: Key variations of the Clean and and when you would use them

✔  Module 13: Utilising the push press and jerk variations

✔  Module 14: The pros and cons of lifting shoes

✔  Module 15: Building a full rack position for cleans and front squats

✔  Module 16: Power Shrug derivatives

Inclusions / CEC’s

✔ Post course mentoring

✔ Downloadable demonstration manual

✔ Downloadable assessment, progression and analysis guidelines

✔ Course certificate

✔ CEC Credits

Location / Dates

Date: March 22nd
Location: Bangkok


Climbing to the top of fitness

Jon Bone

Crossfit Level 2 Coach and mentor coach


(48 Reviews)

About Instructor

Jon Bone has a total of 15 years experience in the fitness industry. Having started out as an International swimmer, jon developed his pedigree competing for the UK. He attended the famous Loughborough University where he studied Sports Science. Jon has qualifications in Crossfit level 1 and 2, Precision nutrition coaching and  lifestyle coaching. It is an honor to have such a prestigious coach working with us to influence the fitness professionals of the future


1. Key learning Topics

  • Snatch, clean and jerk foundations
  • Lifting mobility and range of motion
  • Progressions and program design for weight lifters

2. Benefits of this Course

  • Be able to coach fundamental lifting techniques
  • Transferrable to Crossfit clients, sports performance clients and beginners
  • Understand the fundamentals of power and performance

Course Details

Key Take away’s

  • Understand the training fundamentals of olympic lifting
  • Be able to recognize incorrect technique and performing of exercise
  • Create progressive training guides to maximize performance

How it will improve your career

  • It will allow you to work with elite level athletes
  • This course is a pre requisite to Crossfit if you decide to pursue this

What’s Next?

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