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Nutrition For Weight Loss Coach

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Our unique Nutrition for weight loss coaching certification offers coaches the opportunity to learn about behavioral nutrition, hormonal implications of nutrition and the ability to coach clients beyond caloric numbers.



This elite course is one of its kind and offers you a practical solution to working with clients. It provides you with to education so that you can:



✔ Understand the basic principles of weight management

✔ Empower clients into making long lasting changes

✔ Work with clients to create nutritional guidelines

✔ Analyze and evaluate nutritional profiles

✔ Integrate nutrition into many areas of clients lives, including; energy management, weight loss, sleep, stress and performance.

Chapter 1: Knowledge and Understanding

✔ Module 1: The science of nutrition and weight management

✔ Module 2: Macronutrients and micronutrients

Chapter 2: Theory and practical

✔ Module 3: Client centered application

✔ Module 4: Analysis of nutritional profiles

✔ Module 5: Behavioral nutrition

✔ Module 6: Nutrition for energy, performance and lifestyle

Chapter 3: Coaching Fundamentals

✔ Module 7: Client intake and nutritional goals

✔ Module 8:Mastering the art of influence

✔ Module 9: Assessment and foundational levels


✔ Post course mentoring

✔ Downloadable Course Manual

✔ Downloadable analysis guidelines

✔ Nutrition for weight loss certification

✔ CEC Credits



Date: January 29th
Location: Bangkok

Climbing to the top of fitness
Weight Loss Coach
Conor Kearney

Nutrition and Lifestyle Specialist


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About Instructor

Conor is the owner of Coaching Inside Out Nutrition Company based in Ireland, Co-owner of Aspata and senior coach at The Aspire club in Bangkok. With a bachelor of Education Degree in Sports Studies and Physical Education, a Precision nutrition coach, ICF lifestyle coach and certified personal trainer We are delighted to have Conor as our lead coach for our Nutrition for weight loss course. 


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I've done more than 30 fitness certifications in my career, yet what the team at ASPAT shared made me feel like I was fresh out of school again. Their unique insights won't be found anywhere else.
Adam Sendler
Personal Trainer
I decide to do some courses with ASPATA after watching some of their videos. Their understanding of details go complete opposite to education providers. I now have a totally differnt approach to results, with minimum effort and in far less time. My clients love it.
Mike Stuart
Lifestyle Coach
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