Is strength training for children dangerous?

It’s time to debunk the myth once for all that strength training for children is dangerous. Only bad programming and poor supervision is. Research has shown that nearly all strength training related injuries in children is a result from improper training techniques, excessive loading and lack of adult supervision or faulty equipment (Faigenbaum et al. 2009). In fact, many activities and games throughout a child’s development is a form of unstructured strength training. Would you ban your son from going to the playground because it might stunt his growth?

When children first learn how to stand (squat), attempts to lift a heavy object from the floor (deadlift), climb trees (pull-ups) and not to mention the impact forces from landing when jumping of a swing (box jumps) can all be linked to exercises included in a traditional strength program,. With youth fitness specialists around, your child is performing movements like these in a structured environment with constant supervision, coaching and teaching elements involved.

Aspire are the youth experts in Thailand and we are pleased to announce the Aspire Youth Training Camp 2012, starting June 18th – August 17th. By teaching movement we make children and youth in Bangkok move better, feel better and have fun while getting strong and fit!

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