How Kids Benefit from Youth Fitness Training

Building positive habits and experience with exercise for our kids is key to a lifetime of health and a long term active lifestyle as adults. Youth training is gaining a lot of interest and acceptance within the industry, and parents are looking for solutions to help develop healthy young children.

TIME Magazine recently reported that youth sports have become a $15.3 Billion industry. Over $4 Billion a year is spent on personalized training and coaching for young athletes in the US alone. And parents want to see results for the money they invest in the athletic development of their child. More coaches and gyms are starting to offer youth specific training for youth. At Aspire, we have been implementing youth specific programs since 2011, and results are more than impressive. Certified through the leading International Youth Fitness Conditioning Association (IYCA) Our fitness coaches and changing the way parents and youth look at fitness to improve health, body awareness , coordination that has a direct impact in their personal, mental and physical preparedness for life.

Strength and Conditioning Coach at Aspire, shares his experiences and success stories while working with youth and helping support their future health, fitness and development.

Dan Remon Performance & Life Coach

Dan Remon


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