5 stretches to reduce back pain for better scores and pain free golf.

5 stretches to reduce back pain for better scores and pain free golf.

For many, back pain and golf go together, but it doesn’t have to ‘sway’ that way. Golf Fitness is a strategic method to improve your game and increase your level of enjoyment.
Back pain is usually the result of poor mobility and weakness.
And that also correlates with specific swing faults. So these exercises I’m going to share are not only going to help with your back pain and tightness, but also help improve your swing mechanics for a smoother more consistent swing, body control and lower scores 🙂
I’m going to cover 5 essential stretches and mobility drills you can do to reduce and prevent back pain.
They will prepare you to:
– Improve your golf game by being more consistency and relaxed
– Increase longevity playing golf,pain free
– Increase drive distance by creating more kinetic energy
– Increase power by improving muscle fiber recruitment
– Improve coiling and therefore efficiency
– Optimise your energy by playing more efficiently, or effortlessly so you have more gas in the tank for your back nine.
The following drills should be done daily, regardless if you’re playing golf or not. Although many fitness trainers think we are training muscle, we are in fact, developing the CNS, or the Central Nervous System.
To achieve this, we need repetition, retraining and reprogramming the body to adapt to a new stimulus.
You should also incorporate them them multiple times per day, as part of your warm up before you play and as part of your strategic cool down after your round. yes, even before you head for the 19th hole for a couple of beers or lunch.

You can perform all these exercises with your golf club.

1. Lunge / high reach – lengthening anterior and lateral planes
2. Upper mobility rotations – 5 Iron stance
3. Reverse shoulder rotations
4. Thoracic rotations – standing
5. 3D hamstring stretch
Also check out the video:
[vc_video link=’https://youtu.be/R9xqCVEMHew’]
This is where it gets interesting. My personal training clients hear me say this all the time. A squat is not a squat. You see, it’s not what we do, its HOW we do things that matters most.
We can use speed, tempo, length of contraction, speed of the stretch or movement to elicit and different response.
So it’s important to ensure you vary the temp based on the timing of when you perform these exercises, and the ultimate objective you are trying to achieve.


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