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The most important thing when returning from a break, holidays and especially Songkran is to… GET YOUR TRAINING BACK ON TRACK!

Here are 4 sure fire ways to get your mojo rolling and back into your training.

Actually the first thing is to have booked your sessions with your coach BEFORE even going on holidays. At Aspire, that’s what we do. Mentally you’re already organized, have the mind set that you aren’t going to fall off the wagon and are straight back into your awesome lifestyle as soon as you’re back home.

Now, if you haven’t been organized and booked your training, then you can start with these.

1) Set your goals for the next 3 months and build your strategy! Every goal needs a plan,. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Another reason why Aspire clients achieve such incredible results, is due to our success system. Every month, building a bullet proof plan, implementing strategies to achieve, overcome challenges and tracking results. and enjoy the process!

2) Call your friends and get accountable! Community is your key ingredient to a consistent active lifestyle. You enjoy your training more and have added encouragement and support to make workouts fun and good reason to catch up with friends and hang out with cool, positive and motivated people.

3)  Plan your kit. Before even turning up you need to be prepared. So plan ahead, organise your workout gear the night before. If you’re training nein the morning, have everything laid out next to your bed ready to go. Even if it means tripping over them when you wake up! And if you’re training another time, pack your gym bag and keep it by the door ready to go!

4) Lastly, Book yourself in for an event like 5 or 10k run, Train Run, fun run for charity, or even an obstacle race like SPARTAN! Spartan is coming up and if there is one thing Spartan Thailand was successful, it was to UNITE Thailand and bring everyone together for a fun fitness based event. Regardless of fitness levels, Spartan is actually inclusive, fun and a great goal to work towards that gets you excited and back on track.

Sounds simple. That’s because it is. This is all it takes to get the ball rolling and get you back on track to awesome results, unlimited energy, become super confident and build a healthy and sustainable active lifestyle.

Need an extra Boost of Motivation and intelligent program to prepare you for Spartan Race? You’re in luck.

Don’t forget our 4 Week Spartan Training Program at Aspire, every Wednesday 19:30 (Rooftop), Saturday 07:00 (Benjakitti Park) and Sunday 16:00 (Rooftop).

And you can even get a 10% discount off your ticket. Just use the special code ‘ASPIRESPARTAN” HERE:

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